SEMINE Data and Insights

SEMINE Data and Insights

“Insight is the ability to take data (structured and unstructured), improve these, structure and arrange in a new way so that the user can solve their


What is SEMINE Data?
SEMINE Data gives you all your data from SEMINE in a Azure SQL database you can connect to in your own analytics software. With access to SEMINE Data you will have deep insight to your invoice handling, and details on invoice line level that will help you understand more about your organizations spend.

SEMINE captures your invoices details, both from header and invoice lines. SEMINE Data lets you extract the information from SEMINE in a structured way, and through a database updated daily.

In addition to data captured from invoices, SEMINE captures and stores timestamps on when invoices where received, when they are assigned to users, when they are approved or rejected and more.

From SEMINE to Data platform to you

At its core, SEMINE data platform combines the production data from SEMINE, through data entry, storage, transformation, crushing and enrichment –including combining with external data to make data available to end users. Delivered to you through Azure SQL databases – optimized for insight and analytics.

SEMINE Data is powered by SEMINE data platform, you take the unique value proposition from SEMINE on line and dimension analytics into your fingertips.

A gamechanger in the industry.

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